Young Professionals Board


Gibbs cullen


Employer: Amazon

Reason for joining WESA: I joined WESA because I am interested in helping our students reach their full potential through education. 


Micheal almarez

Secretary & Communications Director

Employer: UW Medicine

Reason for joining WESA: When I was younger, organizations similar to WESA gave me an opportunity to be more involved with my community and become a true team player. At that time I didn’t understand how much of an impact it would make on my personal life but these programs helped build structure in my life. WESA provides the same tools necessary to assist our young scholars in achieving greatness and I’m honored to have the opportunity to help give back what I’ve received. 

Mark Noble WESA YPB.jpg

mark noble

Communications Director

Employer: Amazon

Reason for joining WESA: I'm passionate about WESA's potential to create opportunities for underserved youth through education.

Andrew Jung.jpeg

andrew jung

Employer: DuJour Inc.

Reason for joining WESA: I joined WESA because I saw the long term impact of programs like this while playing squash on the east coast and wanted to see the sport I grew up playing become accessible to more and more people.

msft pic.jpg

chris jung

Employer: Microsoft

Reason for joining WESA: The Seattle squash community has given me unprecedented support and opportunity over the years. I want to give back and provide support to kids that haven't had the same opportunities. 

Anne shaughnessy

Employer: Accenture

Reason for joining WESA: Having grown up in a family that played squash, as well as acted on the young professionals board for Urban Squash Cleveland, I enjoy reaching back into the community and seeing the impact programs such as WESA have on today's youth. WESA gives its participants the tools they need to form healthy habits & lifestyles, excel in their academics, take pride in their achievements, and last but certainly not least, have fun while doing it.

John Curle (250x300)-1.jpg

John Curle

Employer: Brighton Jones

Reason for joining WESA: I learned to play squash during my time at St. Lawrence University and love being able to support an organization that focuses on youth development through the sport. I believe that the intersection of academics and athletics gives kids a well-rounded perspective that translates into important life skills.

Callahan jacobs

Employer: Amazon

Reason for joining WESA: Young people are the future and will shape the world in which we live, but in order for that to be a better world every student, regardless of circumstance, needs opportunities to grow in all facets of life. I joined WESA because it is uniquely structured to develop well-rounded, community oriented individuals by providing resources both inside the classroom and out and because I hope to learn from these students and work with them to build something better together.