2013-14 Season Results

Dear Reader,

Thank you for a wonderful 2013-14 academic season. During this inaugural season our students averaged 95% attendance over 250 hours of practice, 3 community service projects, and 4 field trips. We enjoyed an 80% retention rate during the first year. Our students experienced tremendous growth on the squash court and in the classroom. On the first day of practice, 37% of our students met their grade level in reading and 12% exceeded it. Today, 63% of our students exceed their grade level in reading. In math, 78% of our students met or exceeded typical growth. Of Northgate Elementary’s four Seymore Kaplan Award recipients, two were SUS students. Two other SUS students were Seymore Kaplan Honorees.

Principal Stanley Jaskot met privately with the kids to discuss their reactions to the first year and their comments were overwhelmingly enthusiastic and positive. Gary Betancourt, a 5th grader whose favorite experiences this year were reading about Greek gods and meeting international squash pros, said of SUS “it’s not just homework help, we’re learning tons of new things.” Abigail, a 3rd grader and aspiring fashion designer says “I never ever ever want to miss a practice!”

All of our students plan to return to the team next year, acting as role models and mentors for a new incoming cohort of squash-scholars. The Seattle Athletic Club has generously invited us to hold pracitces twice a week at their Downtown location and twice a week at their Northgate location, increasing the program to 4 days a week. Thanks to their generosity, SUS will grow to accomodate a minimum of 12 students and a second staff member for the 2014-15 academic season.

One year ago these students still thought squash was a vegetable! They had never built relationships with our academic tutors or dreamed of playing squash in college. Now they are focused on being the best that they can be, and in many cases, strive to be the first in their family to receive a college education. It is our responsibility to help them realize their dreams. Your donation will support these students' continued growth through high school and create pathways to college. Please donate by clicking below and remember to share with your friends and family.

Thank your for your continued support.

Julian Snider
Program Director