About Squash

About Urban Squash

In the first decade of the 21st century, urban squash went from being an interesting idea being tried by a couple small programs to a global phenomenon with a wide following and an elite backing. Urban squash programs are exploding around the country and have been endorsed by leaders such as First Lady Michelle Obama. Data trickling in from the first participants is confirming what many in the squash world already knew – urban squash has the power to dramatically change lives.

Dozens of graduates from these programs are now attending elite colleges, embarking upon new careers, and giving back to the organizations that helped them get there. One urban squash graduate, Reyna Pacheco, was even asked to travel to Switzerland to assist with squash’s bid to join the 2020 Olympic Games.

Washington Education & Squash Academy is excited to be working with these organizations and others around the country to create the best experience possible for our kids. As we do, we are grateful to have such a strong and caring community at our side.

Squash is a popular global sport played by two players in a four walled court with racquets and a small, hollow rubber ball. It is played indoors (and therefore in all seasons, year-round) with minimal cost for equipment (just a racket, ball, and a pair of shoes.) It's a great game for players of all ages. The game is easy to learn and forgiving as the ball remains confined inside the walled court. Despite its simplicity, squash challenges players to outsmart each other by placing the ball in increasingly difficult locations. For its fast pace and requirement of mental agility, it has been described as “jet-propelled chess”. Forbes has rated squash as the number one healthiest sport to play in the world for its immense physical benefits.

As for calories burned per hour, squash is amongst the top contender sports. Only running (8 min/mile or better), cross country skiing (uphill), cycling (>20 mile/hr.), and speed skating (Competitive) fare better in comparison. Along with calorie count, squash is an excellent leg strengthening and core muscle workout.

Squash is an integral part of the Commonwealth, Asian, and Pan-American Games. There is also a strong effort underway to secure squash a permanent place in the Olympic games. The Seattle area has a long history producing successful junior squash players. There are good squash facilities with nearly 10 clubs and an active and thriving community of players of all ages.

The most selective colleges in the country have long histories of varsity squash programs, allowing access to students who are outstanding in academics and squash. While playing college squash may not be the goal of all our students, squash can certainly be a very helpful ticket to an outstanding education.